Coffee Roasting

My first foray into coffee roasting last week was a success. I purchased some green beans and some roasted of the same variety, from a fancy coffee shop downtown. Actually I got three different varieties to see if the difference was consistent across different beans, and in all three cases I preferred the batch that I roasted myself. I wasn’t expecting this to be the case, as I roasted them in probably the worst way. In a roasting pan in the oven. Even at 425F with the convection fan blowing, it took almost 20 min to get dark enough, which is too long. And even with shaking the pan every few minutes, this hard to get an even roast. And then I didn’t have a good way to separate the chaff.
But since it worked well despite all that, I ordered a dedicated coffee roaster, and a sampler of 8 different types of green beans, including several espresso blends. Hopefully I like one of them as much as Stumptown’s Hair Bender.

The roasted beans:20120828-001556.jpg

The green beans pre-roasting:20120828-001618.jpg

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