Hangover Brunch

After the epic meal at Gilt last night, needed something simple and nourishing this afternoon. I made a plantain with black beans and a sunny side egg.

I usually slice and fry plantains, but this time I boiled it. It was very easy, no worry about burning it, and came out delicious. Just peeled it and plopped it in to a pot of salted water. Boiled for a about 10 minutes until the point of a knife made it the center with little resistance. Just like boiling a potato.

The beans came from a can. dumped undrained into a frying pan lubricated with a thin coating of olive oil ()about 1 tsp. Add to that a healthy dollop of Goya Recaito from the jar (about 2 TB) and mix well. Mash with the back of a spoon and cook until hot and bubbly, stirring occasionally.

The egg was “poach-fried” in a small pan in about 1 TB of olive oil. Like a regular fried egg, but lower heat so it doesn’t brown, and gets the flavor of the oil. Spoon the oil over the yolk as it cooks so its not raw when the white is ready.

Serve with a wedge of lime and hot sauce of choice. And a couple of strips of bacon. And a bloody mary.

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  1. Jill Anderson

     /  December 9, 2012

    Sounds fab, and I have half the ingredients in my kitchen already. I’ll have to try this one.


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