Ham Latkes

Since the Hanukah Ham was such a success, I decided to branch out (like a Menorah) tonight, and make some Ham Latkes (aka Ham Croquettes for the Goyim reading this).

No real recipe, and I didn’t measure anything, but the following description should be sufficient to get you going.

Pull off a bunch of ham, about as much as you would serve two people as a main course. Its ok to use the ugly bits, because it’s getting all munched up in the food processor.

Added a chunk of Italian Gorgonzola Dulce (“sweet” blue cheese), but any sharp cheese will do.

A large dollop of sour cream (or gvina levanah or labaneh or “Greek” yogurt, whatever you have).

Season with British dry mustard (i.e. Coleman’s) and black pepper. Some chopped fresh herbs would be good too, but I was too lazy. Add an egg (I use the egg white in the container) to hold together, and a bit of Matzah Meal (or bread crumbs or flour) as a binding agent.

The “secret ingredient” is a small Israeli pickle, which adds texture and a great flavor to the mix.

Pulse in food processor just until everything is chopped up and sticks together, but not too much or it will turn into a gummy mess.

Form into patties, and dredge in seasoned flour. Then dip into beaten egg (again I used the egg white from the container) with some hot sauce mixed in. Then dip in panko and/or seasoned breadcrumbs. For a crispier coating, do a second dip in the egg and breadcrumbs. Then fry in small batches canola oil until golden brown on both sides.




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