Vegetarian Gyros

I like gyros, but the “meat” that goes into them scares me. A few months ago, I set out to make my own, from scratch. Basically, it was a spiced turkey meatloaf, cooked with a weight on it to compress it into a block that would hold its shape and make the right size slices, which were then browned on the stove. They were very good, but a lot of hassle, not something I would do regularly.

Tonight I found myself craving a gyro, but had only a 20 minute window to prepare and eat dinner. What to do, what to do… I realized I had all of the other ingredients,crust missing the meat. But I did have a couple of boca burgers in the freezer. Specifically the “all-American flame grilled” flavour. While they were cooking, I heated up a Kontos Greek pita, spread on a thin layer of Greek yogurt and sour cream, and chopped up a cucumber and tomato. Not quite tzatziki, but piled on top of the sliced strips of seared soy flesh, it was almost as good.

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