Chopped Liver

Along with the feets mentioned in the previous post, the supermarket also had a whole bunch of containers of chicken livers. So I got one of those too. And made chopped liver. Some people like it with beef liver, but that’s what gives chopped liver a bad reputation, in my opinion. Made with chicken livers, its light and flavourful without being disgusting and “liver-y”.

The main key trick to making good chopped liver is the onions. For a pound of livers, you should have two large onions. Chop them up and saute over low heat in a bit of butter (or schmaltz or oil) until completely golden but not browned. This takes quite a while, but they will melt and carmalize and be sweet and luscious. When done, add to food processor with metal blade.
Then add some schmaltz (or butter, or oil) to the pan, and sear the livers over medium heat. Pat them dry with paper towel first so they don’t stew. Adjust flame so the liquid doesn’t accumulate, but don’t overcook! They only need a couple minutes on each side, they should still be pink in the middle. When done, add to the onions in the food processor.
Meanwhile, while the onions were cooking, you should have hard boiled 4 eggs. Cut into pieces and add to food processor. Season with salt and pepper.
Deglaze the pan the livers cooked in with a splash or two of brandy. Cook out the alcohol and scrape up all the meaty and oniony bits and add to food processor.
Pulse a few times, then open and scrape down sides of bowl. Pulse a few more times until smooth. Don’t overprocess or it will turn into a gummy mess. Some small chunks are fine, or pulse carefully if you prefer it smoother.
Its good warm straight away, but most people prefer to chill it.

Serve with rye bread, corn tortillas, lettuce, or whatever you want. Its pretty versatile. Makes an absolutely delectable filling for omelets. Or a meaty sandwich spread instead of mayo.

Here is a slightly more “proper” recipe for reference, similar to mine but won’t be as good because it has too much fat and not enough onion:

Note: I prefer to cook the onion in butter, and the livers in schmaltz, but either are fine. Or just use oil, but you’re already cooking a pound of saturated animal innards, so what’s a few more grams of saturated fat? Essen!

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