Red Rice

One of the traditional ways to eat carnitas (aside from just stuffing them into my face) is mixed with rice cooked with vegetables.

1/4-1/3 cup red recado (achiote garlic paste)
1 cup rice
1 cup carnitas
1 3/4-2 cups beef broth
1 poblano pepper
1 large carrot
1 stalk celery
1 small onion
1 TB schmaltz

I used short grain brown rice, longer grain white is probably more traditional. Mix it with the broth and the achiote paste in the rice cooker and start it cooking.
Meanwhile, roast the poblano over direct flame until charred on all sides, then peel, deseed, and dice.
Dice the onion, carrot, and celery, and sauté the mirepoix in the schmaltz (or olive oil). Add the poblano when it’s ready. After the onion is translucent and the carrot has started to soften (about 5-6 minutes), add to rice cooker and mix well.
Shred the meat and add that in too after a few more minutes.
Can add more meat, or other vegetables like peas.
The rice would be good even without the meat, as a side dish with a different main course.

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