My favourite places to eat in NY

Here are some of my favourite places to eat in NYC (mostly restricted to Manhattan). These may not be the “best” in each category, just my personal preference factoring in price, location, service, attitude, etc. check Zagat to get a feel for them, and/or alternatives.

This list is not in any particular order, just wrote things down as they popped in my head.
I also left off most of the fancy restaurants, those are a whole different thing. I will do a follow up post for those.

Sushi at Tomoe: All the ambience of a dirty laundromat, but large delicious pieces of fresh fish at reasonable prices.

Gnocchi at Jane: crisp and creamy, the stuff of dreams

Pizza at John’s: dirty and rude, but the thin burnt crust is worth it.

Ice cream at Cones: best in the universe. Banana is my favourite, but all are great.

Pastry at Rocco’s: fresh-filled cannoli hand-dipped in chocolate. Need I say more?

fancy burger: db moderne. Stuffed with tasty things
normal burger: island burgers and shakes. Lots of great toppings. Awesome shakes. Also cobb salad. Beats Shake Shake hands down

Mussels at BXL. Grand-mere is my favourite. With a glass of delirium tremens.

Scotch at St Andrews. With a soft pretzel.

WD~50: most interesting food

Per Se: best meal this side of France

Greek: Kellari Taverna. Fresh grilled fish.
Korean: New York Kom Tang Kal Bi House, 32 W 32nd St.
Vegetarian: Hangawi. Wear nice socks.
Steakhouse: Keens. mutton chop, and Porterhouse for two.
BBQ: Hill Country. Authentic Texan.
Hot dog: Gray’s Papaya. 2 with mustard and sour kraut, with a banana drink.
Buffet: Ichi Umi. Japanese/Korean
Caviar: Petrossian
Grand Central Oyster Bar: oyster stew
Fish&chips: a salt and battery. Straight outta London
Jewish: 2nd Ave Deli
Japanese noodle soup: menchanko-tei
Margaritas: Mi Nidito
Cafe con leche: la Taza de Oro
Cuban sandwich: Havana Chelsea
Lebanese: ilili
Russian: Firebird
Scandinavian: Aquavit
Fancy Spanish: Degustation
Grilled: Mas (La Grillade)
Filipino: Ihawan (Queens)

Turkish: my place closed 😦
Chinese: my place closed 😦
Tapas: my place closed 😦



wd~50 may not be the restaurant for everyone, but it is definitely the restaurant for me.

The four of us split the following appetizers:

  1. Sweet potato soup, scallop ravioli, kalamansi, hazlenut
  2. Corned duck, rye crisp, purple mustard, horseradish cream
  3. Eggs benedict
  4. Aerated foie, pickled beet, mashad plum, brioche
  5. Octopus, cauliflower, caper, preserved lemon

and these mains:

  1. Cold fried chicken, buttermilk-ricotta, tabasco, caviar
  2. Smoked char, bearnaise spaetzle, broccoli rabe, pork sausage
  3. Duck breast, black sesame dumplings, red cabbage, parsnip consommé
  4. Pork ribs, hush puppies, spaghetti squash, red-eye gravy

Dessert was

1. Warm spice cake, coconut, tamarind, coriander, pineapple

2. Liquid churro, bitter cocoa, chilies, meyer lemon

Wylie Dufresne makes food his bitch